Theft protection: Vintage car owners rely on internet cameras

IP cameras can help making garages more secure

Berlin, Dublin, 26.06.2018

With the good weather comes the start of the classic car season as vintage treasures make their way back onto the roads once more. And a new trend amongst vintage car owners this year is internet cameras. "In the US, camera surveillance within the automotive sector has been the norm for a while and now the topic is on the rise in Europe as well" says Katharina Wild, security expert and member of the board at Smartfrog – a leading European technology company focused on home surveillance with users in 178 countries. Smartfrog has developed an easy and affordable home surveillance solution which includes an app, IP camera and video cloud storage. The internet camera offers a night-vision mode, motion detector and alarm function as well as microphone and loudspeaker capabilities - all installed within five minutes. "As soon as something moves in your garage or a sound is detected, you’ll receive a notification by e-mail or push message on your smartphone. If a stranger gains access, you can immediately inform the police" explains Wild.

Originally, Smartfrog’s internet camera was developed for home surveillance purposes or to be used as a baby monitor. "That many of our users are garage owners shows the versatility of the Smartfrog solution," says Wild. "Our technology is developed in Germany and so we put a special emphasis on all aspects of security. The independent German IT-security test institute AV-TEST named us as the first, and only, IP camera to be certified as ‘secure’".

For classic car expert and managing director of Classic Analytics, Frank Wilke, the use of IP cameras in combating classic car theft is consistent: "Owners often have a close emotional relationship with their vehicle. They’ve searched long and hard for their desired model and invested a lot of time and money in its restoration or maintenance – It’s not just a means of transportation.” Wilke continued: “If an owner’s vehicle is stolen they are often very invested in getting it back exactly as it was. This is aided through camera surveillance as the suspects and crime scene are laid bare, something which can lead to the rapid and effective capturing of the perpetrators."

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    Smartfrog is a tech company focused on the “Internet of Things”, which is about making everyday objects more intelligent and connected to the internet, e.g. via an app. The aim is to make the everyday lives of people more comfortable and more secure by making modern technologies user friendly and affordable. For this, Smartfrog has developed a universal IoT platform designed to build dedicated solutions across product areas. Having started with security and monitoring as a primary area, it offers an easy-to-use and affordable complete home security solution, so that users can always keep an eye on their home and business at any time and from anywhere. The package starts at €5.95 (£4.95) per month, with no minimum contract period and monthly cancellation. It includes the Smartfrog app, allowing users to manage up to ten cameras, a Smartfrog Cam and video storage.

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