Your Smartfrog Cam in action

Your Smartfrog App in action

The easiest way to protect your home and family.

use your smartphone

Protect your Home

No matter where you are, see what's happening right now in your house or apartment.

  • Keep everything at home in sight
  • Monitor your holiday house
  • Prevent false alarms

Watch your Pets

Is your furry friend getting up to mischief?

  • Keep an eye on the dog while you're at work
  • Tell the cat to get off the sofa
  • Listen to the birds singing

Baby Monitor

Keep an eye on your kids round the clock. Say goodnight from wherever you are.

  • Keep babies, toddlers and children in sight
  • Get a notification when your baby cries

Loved ones who need care

Keep in touch with your grandparents.
Talk to them from anywhere

  • Watch over your loved ones
  • Monitor and supervise medication intake
  • Talk to them through microphone and speaker

For Business

Keep watch over your premises. Protect your business and customers.

  • Watch the shop
  • Watch the checkouts
  • Watch the car park
  • Prevent theft and burglaries

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Enjoy the feeling of a safe and secure home

Enjoy the feeling
of a safe and secure home.

All data is stored in certified
high security data centers:

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Smartfrog Cam

Smartfrog Cam is a powerful camera that's incredibly easy to use. It lets you see what's happening in any place, at any time.

More about Smartfrog Cam

Video History

Capture the most important moments in life, even when you're not at home.

More about video history
1 ) No deposit, no set-up fees, no shipping cost. You may cancel your subscription at any time during a month. If you cancel within the first 24 months, for your cancellation to be effected, you will need to return the Smartfrog Cam to us by post, at your cost. Video history includes cloud storage and access to the last 24 hours of your recorded videos. Our Terms of Service apply.

Smartfrog’s complete solution, including the Smartfrog App, HD camera and cloud video storage, has a wide range of uses. For example, you can use the camera for home surveillance, as a security camera in offices, in vacation homes, for watching over elderly relatives, babies and children - as a baby monitor - and also for watching over your pets. Installing the Smarfrog App and IP camera for video surveillance can lead to improved home security, protection against burglary and break-in prevention. The Smartfrog Cam is a small, handy security camera that is easy to set up in a flash in any spot.

To use Smartfrog you need a modern browser.
For best performance, we recommend the latest version of Google Chrome.