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"Video recordings should not be saved in the camera system because once the camera is stolen, they are gone” - so Alexander Hauk, press spokesman for the Smartfrog & Canary Group. The company offers weatherproof HD security cameras with a microphone and a built-in speaker for indoor and outdoor use
(November 2020)

Smartfrog & Canary Group reveals how one can protect his home from burglary with simple tricks and smart technology
(October 2020)

The indoor camera from Smartfrog is inconspicious, easy to install and can be integrated into various smart home systems. As a solid entry-level model, it has noise and motion detectors and stores up to 24 hours of video recordings in the cloud
(April 2020)

Keeping an eye on your dog from anywhere: With Smartfrog you can always look into your own four walls via smartphone
(November 2019)

IP cameras deliver live images of what is happening as well as audio recordings. When a user receives a push-notification, he can immediately check if everything is OK at home and inform the police in case of a break-in
(October 2019)

In time for Halloween on 31st October, Smartfrog's spokesperson explains what's behind supposed 'supernatural' sightings online and why a HD surveillance camera is the best protection against possible hauntings
(October 2019)

IP cameras can help making garages more secure… As soon as something moves in your garage or a sound is detected, you’ll receive a notification by e-mail or push message on your smartphone
(September 2019)

The company Smartrog, which was founded in 2014 and started in 2015, places huge importance on security and offers IP-cameras (including video cloud storage) for home surveillance
(August 2019)

The hottest smart gadgets from European startups making life easier in 2019
(August 2019)

Smartfrog has developed an easy complete home surveillance solution
(August 2019)

Smartfrog captures everything in a room, day and night in HD-quality. So I can monitor my home with a 360-degree view and keep an eye on my whole family. There is no need to stare all the time at my smartphone because Smartfrog sends me a notification once something moves at my home
(July 2019)

Smartfrog ist a home security solution that stores recorded footage in the cloud, using nothing but a smartphone and the app
(June 2019)

Baby monitor with moving image: Smartfrog Cam can be connected with smartphone via the Smartfrog App
(June 2019)

Surveillance camera is a great opportunity to make your own home safer. Therefore Smartfrog has developed an easy and affordable complete home security solution
(June 2019)

Smartfrog’s complete home surveillance solution is an easy alternative to traditional home surveillance systems. Now the manufacturer is entering the US market by taking controlled interest in Canary and is also expanding its product portfolio in Germany
(December 2018)

Companies aim to build as many partnerships as possible. Smartfrog just did it with its competitor Canary
(December 2018)

Smartfrog takes controlling interest in Canary. Together the group will immediately become a formidable global provider of IoT services and SaaS solutions
(October 2018)

By joining forces, the Smartfrog and Canary will be well positioned in an increasingly competitive market
(October 2018)

Smartfrog - one of the 10 European IoT startups to watch in 2018 and beyond… Smartfrog has developed a universal IoT platform designed to build dedicated solutions across product areas
(September 2018)

Smartfrog IP Camera offers reliable and almost inconspicuous video surveillance. Quick set up, comprehensive features
(August 2018)

Companies such as Smartfrog sell interoperated devices and guarantee that they are easily working together
(August 2018)

Keep an eye on things at home while traveling without having to buy the full equipment: Smartfrog offers a camera with app and video cloud storage in one set
(June 2018)

„With Smartfrog Cam you can keep an eye on your own car anytime and from anywhere”
(May 2018)

Smartfrog offers an affordable introduction to home monitoring. The camera is easy to set up and comfortable to use, yet also offers plenty of features
(April 2018)

With Smartfrog Cam you can keep an eye on your own car anytime and from anywhere
(April 2018)

Smartfrog attaches particular importance to data security. The company uses the highest safety standards
(March 2018)

Smartfrog allows you to turn your old tablet or smartphone into a security camera with its app
(27th December 2017)

Venture capitalists are struggling to find German unicorns. Too much technology, too little market orientation. According to, Smartfrog is an exception … a universal IoT platform that allows numerous digital products … In addition to rapid growth, investors are convinced by the easy, customer-friendly product, the scalability of the business and the experience of the team
(24th November 2017)

For the users, the particular use case has become clear: security. That is why Smartfrog has put its first focus on this
(2nd September 2017)

What happens in your home when you are not there can be seen with the aid of the Smartfrog Cam
(14th July 2017)

At IFA, Smartfrog will present its Internet of Things platform
(14th July 2017)

One of the top 100 Disruptive Brands 2017 … that could be disrupting your world
(May 2017)

Europe's emerging IoT scene and six start-ups to watch: Smartfrog has developed a home security solution that allows users to monitor their home and business
(18th April 2017)

Smartfrog che ha realizzato una videocamera WiFi integrata con un servizio cloud per la registrazione dei video
(6th March 2017)

Closer to home, Smartfrog is a Dublin-headquartered start-up that not only offers its own security camera, but will also take a few of your old devices - smartphones and tablets - and turn them into security cameras through its app. It's a better use for them than gathering dust
(23rd February 2017)

The business partners see a great potential in this business model for home surveillance [...].
(November 2016 / Jonas Jansen)

Smartfrog has developed a universal IoT platform designed to build dedicated solutions across product areas ... established partnerships with Amazon, Otto, Media Markt and Saturn
(6th December 2016)

The firm has developed a universal Internet of Things platform, starting with security and monitoring
(5th November 2016)

Smartfrog, a technology start-up, is taking on 35 employees at its Dublin office
(4th November 2016)

Smartfrog names Charles Fraenkl as CEO. Fraenkl previously was CEO at Germany's Gigaset, AOL Germany ... Vodafone. Smartfrog raised €20 million from investors including and Target Global earlier this month
(27th October 2016)

Just one year after its launch: users in over 130 countries..., achieving triple-digit growth rates..., established several partnerships with leading e-tailers and retailers..., utilities and consumer electronics distributors in Europe
(24th October 2016)

Smartfrog (among) the ten most-funded IoT startups according to an analysis using Cunchbase data
(23rd October 2016)

Smartfrog - Smart camera can make life easier.
(20th October 2016)

"E.Ventures and Target Global have backed a €20m series-A for Internet-of-Things business Smartfrog“
(20th October 2016)

Mit dem frischen Geld will Smartfrog das Wachstum weiter vorantreiben
(19th October 2016)

Thanks to its subscription model, Smartfrog stands out from similar home security providers [...].
(October 2016 / Jonas Jansen)

Smartfrog raises €20 million to conquer the world with its smart cams
(18th October 2016)

Smartfrog has raised €20 million in further funding..., managed to pull in €28 million in total despite only launching roughly a year ago

Smart security cam is just the start. Smartfrog has built the full IoT/smart home software, hardware and cloud stack that should enable it to enter new verticals, such as elderly care and health, and via other types of smart sensors
(18th October 2016)

100 TOP START-UPS. Smartfrog: The company has gained users in 112 countries in the eight months since it launched
(11th September 2016)

Right away you can see images at any time via your smartphone, tablet or notebook. Additionally, the company uses SSL encryption
(8th September 2016)

Amazon: Customers can purchase the subscription model via the online platform, as well as through online retailer Otto, or the electronics store Conrad
(1st September 2016)

It worked smoothly in our test, even though the video had a delay of two to four seconds. Accessing the videos via the Smartfrog-website was very easy. The easy to use interface makes using the service and features a piece of cake
(14th August 2016)

Test review of smart surveillance cameras: Smartfrog is a very affordable solution, ideal entry point for home surveillance
(August 2016)

BILD meets the Internet revolution: Smartfrog - Home Surveillance App
(9th June 2016)

The Smartfrog Cam meets all your needs and gives you quality images throughout the day and night
(18th May 2016)

The perfect compact camera for those who need a high-quality eye on their home
(31st March 2016)

Smartfrog eyes global leap. The IoT home and business surveillance company has doubled its total investment
(13th February 2016)

Home surveillance equipment maker Smartfrog raises ‘millions of dollars’ from Target Global and existing investor
(11th February 2016)

Start-up Smartfrog raises 5$m in funding. It brings to $10 million the total funding the company has raised
(11th February 2016)

Smartfrog, a Dublin and Berlin-based start-up seeks to rival Google's cameras to make mobile home surveillance available to the masses
(22nd November 2015)

Smartfrog is challenging the likes of Google’s Nest Labs
(20th November 2015)

In the test, Smartfrog proved to be a well thought out and comprehensive surveillance camera
(28th October 2015)

The camera from Smartfrog can babysit as well as ward off intruders. Home surveillance has become a mass market thing!
(2nd October 2015)

Smartfrog is offering an app that allows you to see inside your living room from anywhere in the world. The venture capital company E.Ventures has invested millions in the product
(2nd October 2015)

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