Securing an eggscellent Easter holiday for the whole family

The Easter long weekend is prime time for burglars to strike

Berlin, Dublin, 10.04.2017

A few easy precautions ahead of time could help secure homes against thieves, so families can focus on fun – namely the hunt for Easter eggs.

Advising the public to take precautions when they’re away for the weekend is Irish company Smartfrog, which offers a complete home surveillance solution alerting users to intruders and storing the video footage.

According to the Garda, there were close to 20,000 burglaries reported up to Q3 of 2016. With a rise in thieves targeting homes using new technologies and tactics, or by following holidaymakers’ social media photos to identify empty homes, home owners and tenants are increasingly looking to new methods of securing their homes. Smartfrog Cam users can see into their homes anytime from anywhere, via their smartphone, tablet or PC.

As well as taking precautions such as locking windows and securing entrances, an IP cam such as the Smartfrog Cam can make users’ lives more comfortable and more secure. The Smartfrog Cam can not only be used for securing the house while out of town, but also for watching over pets or capturing special moments when everybody is at home. Smartfrog has a few tips for making the most of the Easter weekend:

Keep an eye on your furry friends while on holiday

When their owners are away, the pets come out to play – uninhibited. Ensure the pets are behaving themselves and not devouring the sofa or your favourite shoes!

• The Smartfrog Cam’s two-way audio (with loudspeaker and microphone) allows you to communicate with your furry friends from anywhere at any time, and check that they are not getting up to mischief. • Record funny moments and share clips with friends and family.

Staying at home, and have kids to entertain?

Capture some of the special moments at home with family, friends and pets. Place the Smartfrog Cam in the living room and capture the games, laughter and life over the course of the long weekend. Special moments can be easily shared with relatives and friends via email or social media.

• Make the Easter egg hunt a more special and ‘techy’ affair, by showing the kids a time lapse video of where the eggs were hidden the night before and letting them solve the clues. • With Smartfrog time-lapse you can watch 24 hours of footage in 5 minutes – you can choose a section of the timeline to show to the kids. After the egg hunt, let the children watch their adventure captured on the Smartfrog Cam. • It’s on holiday – give yourself a night off! Keep an eye on your kids round the clock by using your Smartfrog Cam as a baby monitor. Settle in for a romantic evening or go downstairs to the Italian restaurant for a meal. Night vision, and motion and sound detection, helps alert you if your baby cries.

In addition to the alarm, motion detection and two-way audio, the HD Cam also has night vision, 8x zoom and time lapse function, so you can see one whole day in 5 minutes, and share it with friends. The transfer of data is carried out with a SSL encryption and is saved in TÜV- and ISO-certified high-security data centres.

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  • About Smartfrog

    Smartfrog is a tech Company focused on the “Internet of Things”, which is about making everyday objects more intelligent and connected to the internet, enabling the user to access them from anywhere at any time. We want the latest technologies to be affordable and user-friendly, so that our everyday lives become more comfortable, more efficient and more secure.

    Smartfrog offers an easy-to-install and affordable complete home security solution, so that users can always keep an eye on their home and business. The package starts at €5.95 (£4.95) per month, with no minimum contract period. It includes the Smartfrog App, allowing users to manage up to ten cameras, a Smartfrog Cam and cloud-based video storage.

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