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Cooperation: Smartfrog's surveillance camera now included in Shell PrivatEnergie tariff

Berlin, Dublin, Hamburg 18.01.2017

Smartfrog, a leading European technology company focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), closed a cooperation with Shell PrivatEnergie in Germany.

Users can be at home around the clock via smartphone, tablet or notebook – the Shell PrivatEnergie tariff „Strom & Sicherheit Zuhause 24“ (Power and Safety at Home 24) offers Smartfrog’s complete home security solution worth €150 (£129) to its new customers. The surveillance solution includes the app, a camera and video storage, so users can always keep an eye on their home from anywhere, at any time.

“For an accelerated growth in the number of customers, we have decided for Smartfrog; a partnership between two innovative companies with disruptive business models”, Maik Neubauer, responsible for Shell PrivatEnergie’s offer in Germany, explains.

“Our customers value innovative offers with added value. Therefore, Smartfrog’s complete home security solution is ideal for them. The quick installation, the usefulness and the easy handling of camera and app convinced us. We complement our strong energy products with another valued component for a safe home”, says Maik Neubauer.

“Traditional home security solutions are typically expensive and complicated. We have developed an affordable plug & play surveillance solution, which can be installed by anyone in less than 5 minutes”, commented Smartfrog CEO Charles Fraenkl. “Shell PrivatEnergie’s products can be ideally bundled with Smartfrog. Power, safety and a smart home are complementary."

It is as easy as to downloading the Smartfrog app, registering, and connecting the camera with power and WiFi. Users can see immediately, if everything is alright at home via the smartphone app (Android and iOS) or web app. Equally as easily, the Cam becomes a baby monitor, an aide to check in on elderly parents’ medication, and a way to keep an eye on pets. Once something moves or a sound is detected, users receives an alert via email or a push notification on their mobile device.

Other features of the HD cam with alarm function, motion detection and two-way audio include night vision, 8x zoom and time-lapse video function, that enables users to view the whole day in 5 minutes and share it with friends. All transferred data is SSL-encrypted and stored in TÜV- and ISO-certified high-security data centres in Germany.

Smartfrog’s IoT solutions are applied by users in more than 140 countries. According to the latest GfK survey (Germany’s leading market research institute and No. 5 worldwide), 67,5 % of the Germans are willing to pay at least 5 euros for an easy-to-install and use security solution.

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  • About Smartfrog

    Smartfrog is a tech Company focused on the “Internet of Things”, which is about making everyday objects more intelligent and connected to the internet, enabling the user to access them from anywhere at any time. We want the latest technologies to be affordable and user-friendly, so that our everyday lives become more comfortable, more efficient and more secure.

    Smartfrog offers an easy-to-install and affordable complete home security solution, so that users can always keep an eye on their home and business. The package starts at €5.95 (£4.95) per month, with no minimum contract period. It includes the Smartfrog App, allowing users to manage up to ten cameras, a Smartfrog Cam and cloud-based video storage.

    About Shell PrivatEnergie

    The Freenet Group, under the direction of the brand mobilcom-debitel, offers a wide range of their own mobile data plans, services and other products. These products simplify everyday life via the internet and mobile devices, including energy conservation accessories as well as data products of the German network operator. The company offers a wide range of products in their shops as well as the Gravis brand retail outlets. The customer service is independent and capable providing advice for the choice of products or services.

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